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I'm here to serve. To trigger your creativity and support you in finding your inner joy. Whether you are starting or growing your creative business or you are making a change in your personal life, I am here to help you fly high and achieve your goals.




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Hi, I'm Joy K., a concept generator, joy artivist, brand strategist, fashion designer, creative mentor & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you find your inner joy.

"From a marketer & owner of an advertising agency to a crafter, an awarded fashion designer, a fashion mentor and ultimately to a brand strategist and a joy artivist...

My love for fashion and arts is inherent since I was a child, my transition from the corporate structure of the multinational companies to the creative environment of the fashion industry was inevitably my only way out during difficult times, but my success in every field was the result of strategic thinking and taking advantage of those opportunities that we find among us in our everyday life.

Throughout my journey in life and in business, as might possibly have happened to you, I was called to face obstacles, deal with economic crises, change career paths and challenge myself to find my real purpose. I am standing today before you to share my journey, my precious learnings I gained following the path of personal development, my secrets to success along with everyday small steps to find your inner joy.

Knowing that this world belongs to those who dare to think out of the box, dream and work smart to achieve their goals, I want to live my purpose and use my passion to serve others by making my vision a reality. To motivate people to take their leap, reach for their dreams. To inspire them to explore and utilize their creativity in life and business, so as to achieve their goals, and find their joy. To urge all to make a real impact in the(ir) world. 

If I had the strength, the courage, and the capability to diversify my career as many times as needed, evolve through the crises of the last two decades, discover who I really am long after the age of 20 and then follow a new path to my evolution, then, I assure you, everyone can, too!

"Now is the time!" said to me Edward Enningful, then Editor-In-Chief of British Vogue & now also Vogue's European Editorial Director, when we met in January, in Paris Fashion Week. And I decided to follow his advice, during this challenging era, and create this site as a platform to raise my voice towards finding inner joy, through my creativity.

My mission is to take these steps to personal development and make them entertaining so that people can relate. Fashion and art are my tools, my conversation starters with the world. Will you join me? #joyisachoice"

- JOY K.

One of the things I'm often asked is "Where should I start so as to change my world?" The answer is simple. Start from wherever you are!

Joy Koumentakou is a Concept Generator, Brand Strategist, Joy Artivist, Creative Mentor & twice awarded Fashion Designer. Started in Marketing, holding a B.Sc in Marketing Comms (2001) & an M.B.A. in Strategy (2005) from The American College of Greece, Joy worked for a decade in the advertising industry, for many int’l FMCG companies & Coca-Cola Greece, until she founded her own advertising agency, Inicia Communications, on 2007.


Being always fascinated by the fashion world, continued her studies on fashion design and, utilising her expertise in graphic design, she was among the first Greeks who placed digital prints on natural textiles. Joy founded the first Greek POP brand on 2012, initially called “madebyJK”, selling her clothes & accessories in more than 150 stores in Greece & abroad. In 2015 & 2016, she was twice awarded as “Best Trendsetter” in Athens Xclusive Designers Week & was mentioned by Vogue Italy as “a rising star who spread joy through her creations”.


From 2017 to present, combining her marketing background with her fashion knowledge, Joy supported more than 40 Greek brands on succeeding in the Greek & international market, through various projects in Athens, Sofia, Budapest, Madrid, Milan & Paris. She co-founded Weird Authentic People -a fashion branding agency- and Business of Fashion Academy -in collaboration with Hellenic-American Union- while she founded NoRouge, a fashion marketing agency that supports emerging fashion designers.


In January 2020, Joy K. reintroduced herself in Paris as Joy Artivist. Through her new platform, she utilises art & fashion as her tools to inspire creative people to find their inner joy & motivate them to make an impact into their communities.


Finally, Joy K. is a success mentor, motivator & public speaker, being invited from Tedx events, colleges & universities, organizations & fashion weeks to deliver her passionate keynote speeches on creativity, concept generation & change-making.

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