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5+1 Books I Wish I Had Read I My 20s

Can you imagine going back in your 20s? What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would definitely advise me to read the following life-changing books. I discovered them later on in my 30s but I gained so much knowledge and wisdom, that it’s almost a sin not to have at least one of them in your home!

Some books can teach us so much about human experiences and life in general, and help us cope with interactions, love, and relationships easier. Not to mention that books may help us gain a business attitude and change our mindset to manifest everything that we want.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the reading list below and enjoy yourself!

That’s the first book of my personal development journey and the one that I’ve bought dozens of times to offer as a gift. Every page is like a thesaurus to the one open to unveil a new mindset path.

A mini book (you may read in 20 minutes) that will open your creative horizon and help you understand that learning from others is not a sin. It’s rather mandatory!

Are you one of those who believe you are not creative? Statistics say that when tested for their genius level at creativity, the percentage of students who scored high declined as they grew, beginning at 98% for 5-year-olds down to 12% when they were 15. With that said, we are born creative but we forget how to be later on. That's why "Unthink" will help you change up your mind and live up to your full creative potential

Jay Shetty is a master at helping you level up your spirituality and his book offers an easy way to create new habits, practices, and wisdom that will guide you to the life you truly desire.

The earlier you read this, the easier you’ll help yourself out of your childhood traumas or even bad behavioral habits and you’ll learn how to maintain good health despite what happens around you.


The bible of all modern business mentors and gurus, Napoleon Hill offers you in one book the wisdom & secrets of hundreds of wealthy & successful people of his times. Dive into his wisdom, follow his instructions and you’ll change your money mindset once and for all!


Joy K.


P.S. Share with me in the comments below your favorite books


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