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Don't Try To Be Normal


All those phenomenally "weird", non-compatible people, who think differently, have unique creative ideas & dream high. It’s time to give up the effort to be like other people, kind of “normal” and start being more of who you really are - a weird creative person.

Time to Become a Linchpin

Well, I have news for you! Weird IS the new normal!

Yep, weird is normal, in this creative economy where businesses & consumers search for different ideas and unique voices, with a real message to spread. Remember that your art, your talent and your ideas are your gift to society.

As Seth Godin says in his book “Linchpin”:

In the linchpin economy, the winners are once again the artists who give gifts. Giving a gift makes you indispensable.
Inventing a gift, creating art - that is what the market seeks out, and the givers are the ones who earn our respect and attention

Don't Wait for Others' Approval


Don't wait till you have all others’ approval. There are people waiting for your authentic ideas, products or services out there.

Still feeling weird? Well, every day I get inspired by dozens of creative, non-conventional, non-compatible, weird people I meet digitally. That’s why my first curated mood board is called “Non-Compatible” Moodboard. Check those creators, emerging or successful. Should they all these artists still wait for others to accept their creativity? Why do you?


Joy K.


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