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It's almost the end of September, and we are back home for good. We feel cozy being back again in our autumn habits, back to work, back to studies, back to our usual habits.

But there is also that mood of rejuvenation that we feel, when back from summer vacation. Home seems cozy, but we see it from a new perspective as if we've missed it. That exact feeling helps us understand that we can experience something old as if it's new. How is this possible? By changing viewpoints, of course...

Whether your "home" is your actual place of living or the one you feel more comfortable in or it's the virtual place -your mind- where your thoughts live, you can always use your creativity to recreate this place, in a way that will rejuvenate you. Use your imagination, add or subtract elements and create the space that raises your positive vibrations and energy levels.

Credits: Photos from artists mentioned below, curation by yours truly.


Enjoy discovering the world of each artist or creator...

Credits: Marius

Personal Note: I tend to imagine my home like this. Full of experiential opportunities rather than places to sit, eat or sleep. Together with my partner, we place objects that have a story to tell, imply, or create further on. We tend to even leave space for the next experience, like labeling and marking the space for what it will become next. Why not? After all, it's our playground.

Credits: Estudio Campana

Credits: Marius

Credits: Petra Leary

Credits: Ana Linares

Credits: Romain Laurent

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Until next Thursday (the Moodboard day, as I call it),






Note: All rights of artworks and photos belong to their respective owners. I do not claim ownership of the photos I post, unless otherwise stated, and I try to do my best in crediting them properly. If, in any case, I have posted your work and you are not happy about it please let me know and I will remove it asap!

If you would like to share, go ahead, but, please, play fair and credit properly (use my name and a link to their original post). The opinions stated in the posts are all mine, true, and loyal to my beliefs. And, be sure, I only post about things that I love.


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