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Mood Board | Self-Sabotage


We cannot stop life from happening to all of us or control how others behave in our business environment, but we can choose what we do to move forward, for sure.

So, NOW is the time for you to stop sabotaging yourself and start working towards your dreams.

You know more than enough to start bringing to life that old dream of yours to change your career or establish that innovative brand you are preparing for ages or become a solopreneur, serving your clients in the unique way you only know.

Do not be intimidated by your own plans and their greatness. Try to focus on making one small step at a time, thus moving forward. When succeeding in making small steps, you will gain confidence and you'll come closer to your destination, without even noticing it.

Using your creativity you may not necessarily break the rules, but you can definitely bend them in your favor, and turn the obstacles that you now see as your tools into your advancement.

It's time to let that imposter syndrome behind you and make the leap of faith to your success.

Want a boost so as to overcome obstacles and keep going toward your success?

Just DM me & let me show you in a 30’ Free Discovery Call:

  1. how I can help you on your business transition towards your dreams or

  2. how to combine your different business roles into a new unique personal brand…

NOW is the time! If not now when?

Credits: Photos from artists mentioned below, curation by yours truly.


Enjoy discovering the world of each artist or creator...

Credits: Aaron Yeandle

Credits: Kiki Xue

Personal Note: Kiki Xue is an incredible fashion and art photographer, who expresses a wide range of emotions, while he conveys his appreciation of beautiful, imperfect objects and people through a variety of cultural forms. Check his portfolio and let your comment below whether you like his body of work.

Credits: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Credits: Maria Luneva

Credits: Fernando Gomez

Personal Note: I'm in love with Fernando's work. That's why I created this mood board around his photo. For me, it shows the way we try intentionally to hide who we really are, thus burying our real beauty (either inner or outer).

Credits: Fernando Gomez

Credits: Hassan Hajila

Credits: Lakin Ogunbanwo

Want to explore more of my mood boards? Visit my site here, or follow my Pinterest to view hundreds of art & fashion concepts that I have gathered there.

Until next Thursday (the Moodboard day, as I call it),






Note: All rights of artworks and photos belong to their respective owners. I do not claim ownership of the photos I post, unless otherwise stated, and I try to do my best in crediting them properly. If, in any case, I have posted your work and you are not happy about it please let me know and I will remove it asap!

If you would like to share, go ahead, but, please, play fair and credit properly (use my name and a link to their original post). The opinions stated in the posts are all mine, true, and loyal to my beliefs. And, be sure, I only post about things that I love.

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