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Mood Board | Non-Compatible


Have you ever felt weird? Well, I have. Million times. That's why I decided to create this mood board that contains my visual thoughts on being or feeling non-compatible.

As said in my welcoming Letter of Gratitude, while designing this site, I also had the creative people in mind and started creating some mood boards

Joy K. Moodboards act as a reminder and a record of the power and usefulness of art and fashion - a means to start expressing our feelings.

How would you express your feelings through photos?

Feel free to challenge my visual by creating yours and sharing it with me.

Credits: Photos from artists mentioned below, curation by yours truly.


Enjoy discovering the world of each artist or creator...

Credits: Oki Sato

Credits: Michael Kenna

Credits: Felix Rachor

Personal Note: This is my favorite photo of the mood board. Such an intense look, that is definitely weird but super expressive.

Credits: Robert Wun

Personal Note: I have chosen this photo for the mood board more than one year ago, but it was not until yesterday when I discovered that those are Lady Gaga's feet on Robert Wun's shoes, a person whose name is actually a synonym of non-compatibility!

Credits: Raghad J.

Credits: Rankin

Credits: Ronald Ong

Credits: Rankin

Want to explore more of my mood boards? Visit my site here, or follow my Pinterest to view hundreds of art & fashion concepts that I have gathered there.

Until next Thursday (the Moodboard day, as I call it),






Note: All rights of artworks and photos belong to their respective owners. I do not claim ownership of the photos I post, unless otherwise stated, and I try to do my best in crediting them properly. If, in any case, I have posted your work and you are not happy about it please let me know and I will remove it asap!

If you would like to share, go ahead, but, please, play fair and credit properly (use my name and a link to their original post). The opinions stated in the posts are all mine, true and loyal to my beliefs. And, be sure, I only post about things that I love.


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