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Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

If you ask my assistant and my friends, they'll tell you that the first question I most frequently ask, either to my clients or a person that I just meet, is “Who do you want to become when you grow up?”

Most people are shocked and laughing, but those are not the creative ones. The ones I am interested in, the ones I want to tease and inspire, are the ones that have worked with themselves or their dreams and know well enough who they want to become.

“I can’t tell you my biggest dream. You’ll laugh…”

The most creative people I meet, most usually hesitate to answer. Not because they don’t know, but because they are afraid of admitting their ambition. They try to be “normal”.

“I want to create the next Vogue”, once said a magazine editor to me, during a fashion show, after triggering her. But when I created with my team opportunities for her to rise and shine among editors of international magazines, she stepped back, giving a ton of excuses. Does she really want that for her or is it just the fear of success that holds her back?

I want my art to be exhibited in Moma - said an artist, and I smiled, as I want the same for my Joyers. But this one has been true to her art and her dream, as she constantly paints and evolves her skills, creates synergies with other artists, and builds her clientele by grabbing every opportunity for her art to be exposed. All those, while she works in fashion, alongside a famous designer.

So, here is my question to you. Would you mind getting a piece of paper and a pen and writing down who you want to be when you grow up?

WHAT vs. WHO you want to be

If you know WHAT you want to do is more than perfect.

Irrespective of your age and your industry, you may want to transition from your current business status to another. For example, you may know that you want within the next X number of months or years to become an entrepreneur, be self-employed or become an artist. Writing down a role is specific and answers perfectly the question.

A job description isn’t the same as an ambition.

The trick is to know WHO you want to become. Who do you want to be as an entrepreneur/self-employed/artist?

Now, let’s write down the characteristics of the person you want to become.

  • How do you feel about that business role you are wishing to have?

  • What do you want to achieve through it?

  • Who are you surrounded with?

  • How is your everyday life?

  • What is your unique value proposition?

Searching for your purpose may not be easy. Creating a new identity may be even more difficult and requires time, effort, knowledge and guidance. But here you are, right here, right now, to start manifesting your best version of yourself.

Do you want to change the world?

To inspire or teach?

To entertain, educate or surprise others?

Do you want to show people a different way of looking at the world?

To change the way some think and act?

All of these things are humanly possible, and you are definitely a human. You have the capability and the potential to make it a reality.

Always remember that, you are already part of the amazing person you want to become.

Therefore, start communicating your ambitions loudly. Firstly, for yourself to change your viewpoints and believe that you can really be who you want to be. And secondly, for others to join your efforts, guide you with their expertise and help you achieve your goals!

Now is the time! If not now when?


Joy K.


P.S. Be honest with yourself. If you are sure it’s something you genuinely, passionately want to do, contact me to help you achieve it. You are not alone!


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