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My first speech at a Tedx event was a real challenge. Being invited by the TEDxKomotini Organizing Committee to deliver my keynote speech on the event's subject "Prism" was at first a shock. I was deeply honored, but I now admit I was confused at the beginning, not knowing where to start, what my focus point should be on my speech.

The challenge for me was not the prestigious name of the event and its bespoke fame. The real challenge was the unknown characteristics of an undefined audience, with totally different backgrounds, perceptions, thoughts & emotions.

What would be the subject that I should focus on, so as to make the most of this speech and touch most of those people? What is their common anxiety that I should address to help and support them?

Deep inside, I can always feel the vibes of each word I intend to choose, long before it's being heard into a room. But this time, not knowing what those people were interested in, I chose to speak on "Creativity as the key of happiness and Success". So generic some may think, but for me creativity stands as the basis for life and business.

Little had I predicted at the time, I can now say. What I experienced by the end of the speech was a blessing; young people's eyes were glowing, fully motivated to conquer the world; middle-aged people were triggered to change their habits and ultimately their life; established university professors were tearing up, realizing the impact that creativity could have in their systematic life; people were hugging me, congratulating me, placing their hands on my head, as if they were my friends, to thank me for touching their heart. 

Although the recorded speech (still only available in Greek) does not transmit the magical vibes that were generated in this room between me and this amazing audience, the speech was a hit. So, now I know. We may all have passed, in our life, through a stage that we needed someone to tell us that we can fly. We may even be multiple times at this stage, maybe in different aspects of our life.

The question is one: "Do you really want to fly? If yes, then creativity can be your wings and knowledge your power to fly high!



Photos: TedxKomotini & Personal Archive

"An ecstatic weekend; spending some quality time with the amazing speakers & the organizing committee (full of young entrepreneurs). It's incredible the way we all connected from the very beginning, learning from each other & having fun at the same time. What an experience!"

- JOY K.

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